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Head of Data Science and Engineering Department
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Eötvös Loránd University
Faculty of Informatics

Publication of vacancy for position of

Head of Data Science and Engineering Department

Type of employment contract: public employee, full-time, 5 years

ELTE Faculty of Informatics (ELTE FI) in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs), establishes industry driven, R&D&I oriented department in order to carry out research, development and teaching in data science and data engineering theory, technologies and their applications.

ELTE FI is one of the top ranked faculties in computer science in Hungary, with over 100 faculty members and strong focus on R&D&I activities. ELTE FI leads the EIT Digital Budapest Associate Partner Group being the only EIT Digital partner located in the Central and Eastern European region (www.inf.elte.hu, www.elte.hu, budapestictnetwork.elte.hu).

T-Labs is the central R&I unit of Deutsche Telekom (DT), Europe's leading telecommunications company. T-Labs is also a joint institute of DT and Technische Universität Berlin (TUB). Budapest is the next centre to be established of the international network, which provides a bridge between commerce and science, so as to turn novel ideas for real problems into marketable innovations as quickly as possible. Around 360 Telekom experts and scientists from various disciplines from all over the world work in Berlin, Darmstadt, Bonn (Germany), Beer Sheva (Israel) and Los Altos (USA) on developing novel solutions and new services for Deutsche Telekom.

 Functions to be carried out:

  •  the head of department will set up the new unit of ELTE FI and T-Labs focusing on Data Science and Engineering, contributing to data-driven business applications by fostering research and open innovation in this emerging area. The department to be established will be subsidized by DTAG and closely cooperate with its innovation network, including the national telecommunications provider Magyar Telekom and TUB.
  • demonstration of an internationally relevant and competitive research programme, meeting defined business requirements and problems on the following fields:
    • application-oriented and fundamental research in data science and data engineering, which involves methodologies and methods from statistics and computer science, including utilization and further development of algorithms and models in the fields of data mining, machine learning, data visualization. Definition and development of new and innovative platforms, architectures, programming languages and APIs.
  • contributing to the Faculty’s general research activities at operational and strategic levels
  • appropriate planning and organising of staff and resources on department level
  • planning and preparing significant research funding proposals
  • planning, preparing and delivering effective teaching, supervision and assessment of postgraduate/PhD students
  • participating in, and where appropriate leading, development of the curriculum and of teaching methods, creating synergies between research and education with involvement of students into research activities of Department


  • PhD degree in computer science
  • applicants should state with a commensurate track record being expected for candidates to associate professor positions
  • on the basis of scientific performance ability to obtain habilitated doctor title within two years
  • university teaching experience
  • actual experience with Big Data and Complexity
  • candidates must have carried out outstanding scientific research in the field of data science, which is proven by research output of a high level in peer-reviewed international publications (journals and/or books), demonstrating a distinguished research profile
  • candidates must have experience in heading up industrial research projects and coaching PhD students

Starting date:

Starting date for the position is as soon as possible


Salary upon agreement – a salary ensuring an outstanding level of life in Hungary

To apply:

Please submit the complete application as a ZIP archive to dean@fi.elte.hu

The application must include:

  • Cover letter
  • CV including a full list of publications
  • Scanned copies of your certificates
  • Statement of research interest and teaching objectives
  • Documentation of additional relevant qualifications according to above specifications
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